What is Belief Surgery?

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Why do I call myself a ‘surgeon’?
What is belief surgery?

A couple of years ago, I described to one of my clients what I did in my Core Belief Engineering (CBE) practice, and an analogy that I used stood out for her.

She leaned forward when I said “Think of me as a specialist surgeon, not a family doctor.”

A family practitioner equips, supports, calls you out, and keeps you in good health. A surgeon is who you are referred to if you have a deeper need – like a heart condition (quickly fixed in expert surgical hands).

I’m not a ‘family doctor’ like a business, mindset coach or financial coach, who can recognize mindset blocks in their clients and might be able to offer coping mechanisms. In fact, those are the people who often refer their clients to me. 

My work is like surgical work. 

Don’t let that frighten you, though!

I have a surgeon’s toolbox and vast experience in getting to the very root of the issue, and changing it. 

I’m the mental equivalent to a surgeon they send you to remove blocks deep within your heart (or in this case, your mind).  

I am a belief surgeon.

Often the referrals I get from the family doctor equivalent of this metaphor stems from a recognition of symptoms like perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, money mindset issues, or visibility issues, which could very easily go away with a little specialist support.

Know this: It often shows up in your life as stress that renders coaching, meditation, or other conventional approaches to mindset ineffective. 

Deep mindset work is complex.

Not everyone needs it.

For those who do need deep belief work, it’s often identifiable by the same issues playing on loop.

Perhaps it bears labouring that it most often show up in high-performers who know how to keep it in check and continue to be functioning. 

The solution is deep and multi-layered. 

And hard to extract from awareness alone. 

It needs a professional mindset expert who focuses only on deep mindset blocks; every day; and for years. 

That’s me 🙋‍♀️

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My VIP sessions or ‘ belief surgery intensives’ have a beginning, middle, and end.

My sessions have been virtual since before the pandemic because this lends a degree of privacy and comfort for deep belief work.

Sessions can run between 2 and 6 hours.

I send preparatory notes ahead of time and we always talk immediately after in case you feel a further need to process details. We spend as much time as needed before surgery  mapping out exactly where you are blocked and what you want to change too.

You would be conscious the whole time.

We are excavating and releasing limiting beliefs and old energy acquired from childhood that remain active and are fuelling negative patterns your life.

Once we have identified and transformed beliefs that we did not previously know, underneath we’ll rediscover beautiful, healthy beliefs that lay waiting to be reactivated by you.

The same client who resonated with the ‘surgeon’ analogy describes it as “More than just a deep clean. I feel like I have a new brain and there are limitless possibilities in my business.”

She reconnected with her powerful natural beliefs. She’s given me permission to tell you that she’s really tapped into a part she calls ‘the mindmapper’. This is a part of her belief system that has always allowed her to show up with clear plans. She now effectively uses it in her business instead of thinking that creativity is a one-off, scarce commodity.

She reports a major shift in chronic conditions like exhaustion, procrastination, fear of visibility, guilt for focussing on career instead of motherhood.

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You, like her and others, can slay your belief demons.

You can make you forecast in your business plan because you are reconnected with your most powerful, natural beliefs.

You can remove limiting beliefs that help you activate the parts of your mind that govern creativity to find solutions to a constantly changing landscape like pandemic life and business

Want to feel like your life and work are easy, natural, and not dictated by someone else?

You may enjoy the experience of my specialized belief work and find benefit from if you a very clear sense of what’s going on within you and a need to change it.

Maybe you intellectually know what your blocks are, perhaps having been in either some sort of coaching program or in business cohort for some time and feeling like you’re not quite hitting your sweet spot.

Perhaps you’ve completed numerous mindset exercises or participated in other modalities of mindset work to reveal where you are stuck but it just feels too woo-woo or just doesn’t get the deep transformation results you desire.

You don’t have time to waste on DIYing your own mindset work. You know the value of time and expertise and you’re ready to spend your energy getting down to building an even more successful business.

Put an end to ‘just coping’ and using bandaids to mask a problem.

My deep belief surgery work is rapid; it solves long-term problems permanently.

It allows women like you to reconnect to their true and unique beliefs.

"After my belief surgery, I felt confident about the value that I bring to other people, no longer questioning myself or seeking external validation."

- Julie Greenham, Business Coach for Introverted Entrepreneurs

As Brene Brown said, “Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” 

That is my mission as well.

Ask any successful entrepreneurial woman about the importance of doing the deeper mindset work as a foundation for their success and they will tell you it’s a priority.

Mindset first. 

Strategy second. 

The only requisite is to make yourself a priority.

Take action.

Are you ready?

‘Belief Surgery’ or Core Belief Engineering (CBE)

‘Belief Surgery’ or the official name of my method, Core Belief Engineering (CBE) is an extremely effective belief change therapy that helps individuals identify and change limiting, out-dated, core belief systems hardwired in the subconscious.

Yes, the conscious mind is important – but the power that the subconscious mind wields when keeping our problems locked in place is truly remarkable and very difficult to shift.

CBE views the subconscious mind as a compartmentalization of parts, each with its own talents, abilities, and fundamental core beliefs. Different parts of our subconscious were formed during childhood to help and protect us, to the best of our limited ability and understanding at the time.

The core beliefs formed during childhood are embedded in our subconscious and influence our present-day thoughts, feelings, and actions.


  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Procrastination
  • Visibility blocks
  • People pleasing
  • The drive for perfectionism
  • Debilitating over-analysis and low self-worth
  • Upper limiting Self-sabotage
  • Income ceilings
  • Fear of becoming a boss

If you’ve spent years trying “all the right things” (expensive business coaches, traditional therapy, endless self-learning, or enforcing lock-down budgeting to drive accountability) and nothing’s worked yet, ‘belief surgery’ should be your next step.

Think CBE may be a good fit for you?

Let’s find out together.

Sessions are available only via Zoom.