Step into Your Power VIP Sessions

Stop pushing away money!

This year (heck, the next DECADE!) is going to be YOUR time for launching that high figure product. It’s time to get off the pot and stop finding excuses to stay small.

So we are shaking loose the mindset trash and ready to embrace unabashed ambition.

And my VIP rapid ‘belief-surgery” coaching package will help you get there.


  • Undermining yourself by letting the itty bitty shitty committee to get a hold of your mind
  • Doubting your ability to reach your financial goals ( the old money story rules your head)
  • Stuck in a pattern of procrastination to the point your stomach’s in knots and your work output has stalled. The new program, book or memebership is still shelved!
  • Or in a repeating pattern of being REACTIVE rather than PROACTIVE
  • Your mind never really becomes clear on your plan so that feel easy and natural
  • Pretend you’re not a perfectionist but you micro-manage and projects are late!

Guess what? This all stops NOW.


First things first – you didn’t get to where you are already without passion and ambition. And now you crave MORE.

Maybe you don’t have a clear snapshot of where you are now and where you want to be in ten years? Or are you unsure of your current blind spots and limiting beliefs? We can fix that!

I have helped women entrepreneurs transform limiting beliefs with my signature Core Belief Engineering method for almost twenty years.

So, let’s connect and talk about where you see yourself right now – and more importantly – WHY!


My belief-intensive coaching program takes you a step further and starts putting what you’ve learned into action! Here’s what we’ll explore:

  • Mindset & beliefs: Get focused on where you want to change & what you want to achieve – then BOOM! We know exactly what we’re working on
  • Your current mindset IS affecting your actions: So, we weed out bad beliefs & identify strategies that keep that negative mindset in place.
  • Buh-bye false, outdated beliefs! We’ll restore & reboot healthy beliefs and bring them to the forefront of your mindset. You’ll reconnect to your true self and make decisions and take action from a place of clarity.
  • Cue the action plan: Now you’re ready to activate your conscious mind (not old, dysfunctional and unconscious belief systems!), to translate this new way of thinking into action. This is the key to getting results from your mindset work.


Accountability is everyone’s best friend. And I will definitely be holding you accountable for your changed mindsets. BUT I’m no drill sergeant!

Instead, together we will explore your progress, and if there are any ruts, we’ll use teamwork to get you unstuck!

Let’s kick fear to the curb this year and instead be more visible. Be confident OWNING your expertise and your value, determine clear boundaries with clients, and start making MORE MONEY and seeing MORE SUCCESS (which, let’s be real, is everyone’s goal, amiright?).

Naturally, feel the self-belief.

Wholeheartedly believe people want what you have to offer

Embrace the unknown and believe you have the ability to find solutions

Create goals that feel right for you.

Believe that money is easy to receive.

Here’s what is inside the program…


90-minute Diagnosis:

I want to determine goals and excavate beliefs. So, yes, like a good doctor, I want to use my expert eye to see what’s presented.


This is my signature service and what my clients rave about. We gently open you up and get to work transforming limiting beliefs to self-sustaining positive ones that create a strong mindset foundation. Have you ever seen a kindergarten kid who doesn’t believe they are worthy? No, the Universe gave it to us; it’s a matter of rebooting the beliefs!

Magnolia and Sage Stock

2 X 30-minute Launch Mindset Coaching:

I’ve always prided myself on giving premium support, and there’s no better time to have mindset support while you’re gearing up to change your life

 Price: $1197.00 USD or 3x installments of $400.00