Is My Mindset Program for You ?

 I can tell you one thing for sure.
There are glass ceilings.
And they are holding you back.

I, like many other women entrepreneurs, am obsessed with Oprah. She says, “When individuals take responsibility for their life, they are free.”

How often are WE ready to take responsibility for our lives?

We often wait for external impetus.
Major life upheavals.
Repeated irrational patterns that we just can’t take anymore.
Maybe even recognizable self-sabotaging actions?

I’m Megan O’Neill. I have almost twenty year’s worth of experience in mindset and personal development work. And I can tell you this.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Mind trash is not normal even if it’s comfortable.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: You’re running old, outdated beliefs that keeps your headspace in the negative.

Our beliefs create our reality. Only when a person uncovers and changes negative beliefs will they be able to approach their relationships, including their most important one – with themselves – from a new and healthier perspective.

My “Belief Surgery” explained

We all have a child inside of us.
First, are you able to accept that no matter who you are today, as an adult, we all carry around a core belief structure built in childhood?

These core beliefs are embedded in our subconscious and hold considerable scway over our present-day thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is often what causes you to feel negative and inadequate in the face of a loss of control of any type.

The system I work through with you is called Core Belief Engineering. It’s custom 1:1 VIP sessions that my clients often call ‘belief surgery’ because it’s a method that rapid and effective and long lasting. It’s gets the subconscious clear and focused on goals instead of repetitive mind trash.

What is Core Belief Engineering?

Core Belief Engineering (CBE) is an extremely effective belief change therapy that helps individuals identify and change limiting, out-dated, core belief systems hardwired in the subconscious.

Yes, the conscious mind is important – but the power that the subconscious mind wields when keeping our problems locked in place is truly remarkable, and very difficult to shift.

CBE views the subconscious mind as a compartmentalization of parts, each with its own talents, abilities, and fundamental core beliefs. Different parts of our subconscious were formed during childhood to help and protect us, to the best of our limited ability and understanding at the time.

The core beliefs formed during childhood are embedded in our subconscious and influence our present-day thoughts, feelings, and actions.

CBE helps permanently unlock, unblock, and resolve core beliefs that keep us repeating behaviours that trap us in cycles of, well, you name it:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Procrastination
  • Abdicating your personal power
  • Stuck in old family patterns
  • Debilitating over-analysis
  • Avoiding visibilty
  • Self-sabotage
  • Income ceilings
  • The drive for perfectionism

If you’ve spent years trying “all the right things” (expensive business coaches, traditional therapy, endless self-learning, or enforcing lock-down budgeting to drive accountability) and nothing’s worked yet, Core Belief Engineering should be your next step.

Replace old, Harmful Core Beliefs with Healthy, Helpful Ones

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with individuals and couples who are “conscious or aware” of their reactions or feelings – but not in control of them, and definitely unable to change them!

Worry, fear, and paralyzing procrastination and self-doubt take over, effectively preventing positive forward motion and owning the next level of success.

Have you:

  • Felt that furthering your career and being a good provider would diminish your role as a mother or partner?
  • Self-talked yourself into believing you don’t have what it takes to move to the multiple six figure  level?
  • Felt the need to constantly be proving yourself and showing that you can do it all?
  • Freaked out when contemplating hiring staff full time because you are afraid of the responsiblity?
  • Told yourself that financial success is only possible for the shiny people on instagram.
  • Used guilt as the motivation to keep going?

What results can I expect?

Let’s be honest, the results are up to you and how open you are to releasing your mindset blocks.

But everyone who has worked with me has reported one definite result. 6 months later, they barely remember what they came to work with me for.

Expect a deep and lasting change.

Expect to create and manifest your desired income.

Become a woman who trusts her inner authority, and does not look outside herself for validation and approval.

She instead relies on her personal magic to create what she desires. No guilt. Just clarity and connection to herself.

It’s like losing a LOT of weight. For the mind!

I can help you change the core beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Give me three months, and I’ll help you to achieve your full potential.

Want to learn more and if we are a match to get you to your desired income level?

Ready to explore if this is a fit for you?


”I felt completely changed after working with Megan!”

Megan is unlike anyone I have worked with before. The services she provides are truly unique. Through our intensive session, she helped me identify past behaviours rooted in childhood experiences that were preventing me from moving forward. Megan’s work is long lasting; she helped me reprogram my beliefs and create a new compass. I highly recommend Megan for anyone feeling fed up with their own beliefs and behaviours getting in the way of leading a happy life. I felt completely changed after working with Megan! She is truly a gift!

Liz R. Raymond

Professional Business Organizer and Facilitator

”Megan is exceptional at what she does.”

She spends the time to really understand your mindset blocks in order to guide and assist you in working through and disabling them. Her area of expertise is with entrepreneurs and she is excellent at understanding the particular needs and obstacles that entrepreneurs face and coaching you through facing and overcoming these obstacles. If you have reached a plateau or need assistance in order to move to the next level in your business, I would not hesitate to recommend Megan to help you to get there!

Wendy Hammond

Real Estate Broker, Westside Stories Real Estate Team

”I truly no longer believe I have any limits”

Doing deep belief work has been revelatory. In my work with Megan, the goal was to go beyond self-awareness and actually make changes. The truth is I don’t even remember what I came into work with her on first (we worked on perfectionism and owning my creative abilities). I have completely dismantled the old beliefs I held around all of it. Much as this sounds like hyperbole, I truly no longer believe I have any limits.

Susan Diaz

CEO and Editor in Chief, c+p Digital Marketing

”The glass was broken and I'm flying now!”

Not long after that work, I felt like I had hit a 'ceiling' which I simply couldn't fully understand or get past. I then worked one-on-one with Megan and was blown away! The glass was broken and I'm flying now!

Shani Guerin

Broker, RE/MAX Hallmark Ottawa Realty

”Megan helped me see where my beliefs and fears were holding back my business.”

Working with her helped me work through beliefs that were holding me back and my business has made more money and I’m significantly happier with the work I’m doing and how I’m doing it since we started working together.

Lara Wellman

Business Coach and Social Media Mentor, The Biz Studio

”I'm forever grateful for our work together”

Coming out of my divorce and I wanted to create a solid mindset foundation. The best thing I ever did for myself and my business is to have work with you.

Julie Greenham

Mindset and Business Coach for Introverts

”She is truly a superhero”

For anybody struggling with any form of darkness, and who longs to see the light to affect lifelong change, CBE with Megan is a highly-effective strategy for success. During times of struggle and inertia, Megan has been instrumental in helping me connect with the parts of me that retract in fear. She has the ability to help you tap into your inner child, listen carefully, and honour those voices. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused or are simply recognizing that you have a thought/belief pattern to break, reach out to Megan

Joanne Lauzon

Artist + Creative Play Coach, Joegirl

”This past year I doubled my financial numbers from the year before!”

This financial success is largely due to my work with Megan. I now have the confidence to ask for my value. I know what I’m worth. It has been an emancipating experience to work through my old core beliefs to change them.

Jane Kristoffy

Teacher and Entrepreneur, Right Track Educational Services

”I have a better sense of my own value.”

Since working together, I've found a sense of flow that had eluded me up until now. Though I still have the insecure thoughts that had previously kept me stuck ("I can't do one will want to hear what I have to say..." and so on), they don't stop me from moving forward, from trying things and sharing about them. As a result, I'm feeling more confident in my ability to make my goals a reality.

Cathy Cochrane

Holistic Nutrition Consultant