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Control your mind. Control your results. 

Create a Confident Mind
Create Desired Results
Create a Powerful Mindset
Feel Courageous
Create your results.

It’s that simple.

I can help you break it down.

Changing your behaviour is much easier if you understand where it comes from and the benefit it brings.

Has it been a while since you took your last salary?

I know how this might feel. You put your salary back into growing your business, with little thought.

Maybe your lines of credit or credit card are drawn to higher levels than you’re comfortable with. You believe in yourself. But you are regularly confronted with things that make you FEEL like you should believe otherwise.

Welcome to Imposter Syndrome.

Sound hard to digest?

Sound like something you thought only corporate ladder climbers have?

No, my friend! Let me take you back a little

Much of the change we’ve seen over the last decade or so has been driven by fed up, frustrated women! There is a socio-political and psychological shift happening, ladies – and it’s altering the psyche of how we as women are auditing our own right to freedoms and our body.

What does that have to do with you as one of today’s women leaders?

Maybe we start by asking why do we women put everything and everyone else around us first, and ignore the very real issues that hold us back?

Look, if you were having chest pains…call me crazy – but I’m thinking you’d be at the doctor getting yourself checked out!

I want it to be no different for the needs of the mind than it is for the needs of the body.

And that is exactly why I made some pretty serious commitments of my own for the decade.

I want to contribute my skills to the ONE THING I know runs undiagnosed in MIGHTY WOMEN more than anything else. Imposter syndrome.

And the many labels that cause overwhelm, control-freakiness, procrastination, nit-picky perfectionism and many other things.

The Doctor Is In the HOUSE!

My intensive five-day micro-course is designed to get you to the doctor, so to speak, and diagnose the symptoms plaguing you when it comes to business success.

Answer honestly – are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? 🤒

  • Feeling overwhelmed by life/work/family/even yourself?
  • Running a hot-zone level temperature of BURN OUT?
  • Struck by decision-making paralysis?
  • Resentfulness and/or frustration hanging around like a nagging cough you can’t shake?
  • Fearful?
  • Exhausted??
  • Self-sabotaging yourself and your efforts (perhaps with a few too many adult bevvies?)
  • Are you trying to control your life, instead of COMMANDING it?

You might know you’re stuck in a rut.

We live in a society that undervalues women.

This. Stops. Now.

Come hang out with me for a week – and we’ll work together to SILENCE those self-created voices in your head/monsters under your bed! And change those statistics, while we get you to that 6-figure salary with ease.

Imposter syndrome is real folks. And it’s often left undiagnosed and untreated.

Here’s what we’ll cover:



Which type are you?

Take the quiz and find out what Imposter Syndrome type you are. There are many different types of imposter syndrome, and until you know which particular bug (or two, or three) infects you, you can’t work toward treatment and cure. And we have a handy-dandy quiz to help you figure out where on the Imposter Syndrome you fall!


We map out the most common ones for each type, how they impact your business, why and how they work as triggers – plus I’ll show you how to spot the triggers that make you reactive (bad) rather than proactive (good!).

All viruses are sneaky little buggers, they mutate and multiply and use their host to grow and survive. The symptoms of imposter syndrome can be similar.



Map out the problems.

Learn a bit about each type of Impostor Syndrome. How it incubates and multiples over your life, and how it’s natural advantages can be used positively in business


No drugs needed! (Unless, of course, you’re partial to that aforementioned adult beverage to help take the edge off! I am of Irish descent myself, and hold a fondness for a coffee spiking, or two. 😁 No judgement here.)

You’ll walk away with the tools you need to recognize and deal with those negative voices in your head, overcome the visibility fears holding you back, and help you to not only KNOW your value, but to OWN it as well.



You’ve taken the steps needed to ‘cure thyself’ – and become the captain of your work and personal life. You are in COMMAND, not in CONTROL.

The time is now to step into the spotlight comfortably, stop worrying about being judged by peers and those who seem like they are ahead of you, transform your inner critic, scale your business to support your vision or lifestyle, and be a confident boss and communicator!

When only two percent of female entrepreneurs make it to the "revenue" million-dollar mark, there's something wrong here.

We live in a society that undervalues women.

This. Stops. Now.

Come hang out with me for a week – and we’ll work together to SILENCE those self-created voices in your head/monsters under your bed! And change those statistics, while we get you to that 6-figure salary with ease.

Wait, how will this work?

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  • You will receive worksheets to consolidate the patterns of thinking you spot and to document your contract for change (trust me, my clients tell me it’s invaluable – and FREE for the first time ever)
  • You’ll get to interact with a community of like-minded, non-judgemental women, moderated by me, to elevate your headspace and stay among peers who inspire you.
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I'm Megan O’Neill

I dissect the beliefs that hold as back and those that can propel us forward. Because make no mistake, both are possible by the power of your mind.

You likely know what I mean if you’ve got a goal that you’ve struggling to reach for a while. Why haven’t you already achieved it?

For 20+ years, I’ve worked with people who have been slogging it out in their business or relationships for a long time. I’ve helped them take their businesses to the next level and leave behind versions of themselves that never thought it was possible.

While I work with entrepreneurs and employed people, my sweet spot is perhaps entrepreneurial women who are stuck in a rut and often blocked by a heritage of invisibility and self-criticism. I have worked with many of them and proudly continue to call several my very successful friends!

I work fast to help women uncover and heal the deepest layers to get that the results are big and long-lasting.

Stop Playing Small. Feel Big and Bold

Want to move from 6 figure REVENUES to 6 figure SALARIES?
Take my FREE 5-day Micro-Course