Conscious women entrepreneurs have a vision for their business that means freedom and reaching financial abundance. Unfortunately, the little voice that creates self-doubt gets in the way of feeling confident. It doesn't have to be this way, you can do the deeper belief clean-up and reach your full potential.

Are you ready to feel deep change and strong self-belief?

You don't have to cope: you can solve mindset blocks permanently!

  • Do you feel like your emotions are opposite to what you logically know about yourself?
  • Are you hesitationg to put yourself forward as a leader?
  • Do you feel a fraud even though you've been told over and over you're terrific?
  • Being so stuck in a belief that you can never reach big business success
  • Do you you have strong emotional reasons for wanting more money like providing for kids solely?
  • Still hearing your Ex's voice sabotaging your confidence?

there is a better way

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i can help because i've been there

I know you can achieve this big dream goal because I've been there too.

Hello I am Megan O'Neill

I'm Megan O'Neill, and I am affectionately called a "belief surgeon' by clients who have experienced my transformational method called Core Belief Engineering(CBE). It's thorough, gentle and saves time for busy entrepreneurs, single- parenting and scaling their businesses.

I'm a unique mindset professional because I have worked in the mindset trenches for almost two decades. My experience is vast. My method is life-changing. Clients have recommended me to others for years when they see their brilliant friends stuck in self-sabotaging patterns.

One of my clients describes the results of our work as "unblocking your blessings"; Yes, your unique talents are all there underneath the surface, waiting to be rebooted.

Imagine a new way

Here I am today, and that is why
I designed this transformative program - just for you

You are starting a new chapter after major life changes and you are ready to do the work on yourself, clear out any resistance that has blocked you from being the best you could possibly be. You know that if you can just feel your full value that your business is going to flourish. No more letting any relationship, especially the one with yourself get in the way of fabulous success. 


How would your LIFE change if you could DO THESE THINGS:

  • You’re finally connected to your knowing, authentic self & calmly step into your power.
  • Your business feels easy. You are filled up with ideal clients, you feel confident that you can build this business that way YOU want to live, You get stuff done,
  • You want to feel clear and confident. You want fears, resistances, crazy tapes and old childhood stuff is re-engineered, so you can just be real and free to be you.”
  • No more searching for external validation.You feel in control, connected to your inner confidence and knowledgeable, powerful and calm.
  • Create a mindset that guarantees consistent revenue without losing your connection to loved ones

you are in the right place



Discover A Simple Three Month Solution to getting Optimum Mindset and Become Unafraid of Fabulous Success without Wasting Time and Energy!


My program is designed to help busy and ambitious women release limiting beliefs quickly that fuel unwanted feelings and behaviours like Imposter Syndrome and staying small in their business.

Here’s are the results you will achieve goals you envisioned but wouldn't let yourself achieve.


By the end of this program, you’ll be able to feel confident about the value that you bring to other people, not question yourself or seek external validation. You intrinsically know your worth.


Reading books, attending seminars and writing in your journal are all valuable but won't get the results you seek for getting to the next level of the financial goals.

My unique combination of mindset coaching and 'belief surgery' allows my clients to quickly release unwanted blocks and create confidence to take focused action.

how does this sound?


Finally, Break Through What's Blocking You!

The Limitless program is designed to create a solid mindset foundation for CEO action

  • Focused action to grow your business
  • Step confidently into being a boss and outsource work to others for more time
  • Move from being stuck to steady wealth building
  • Understand what business aligns with your true values

Become your authentic self


  • My work with clients is designed to 'deep clean' limiting beliefs
  • Deeply heal old wounds from childhood that subconsciously hold you back.
  • Free yourself from old, limiting people pleasing behaviours
  • Honour and use your unique intution as a guide for business decisions
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Embrace Your Leadership Ability


  • Clear any nay-sayer voices that told you you couldn't do it!
  • Share your expertise so you can inspire and guide others.
  • Model confidence and wealth-buidling to your kids
  • Confidently sell yourself and your services

Grow the Business of Your Dreams


  • Be really seen for who you are. No more hiding!
  • Stop apologizing and create clear boundaries
  • Attract business opportunities because are an expert
  • Take inspired focused action for thoughtful business growth

the perfect solution for you

“Let go of who you think you're supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

Brene Brown

How this program rolls

Limitless is designed for maximum Mindset results in a short, intensive three-month period. Click here to learn about the program.


My clients know that I deeply care about getting results and will go the extra mile with each session. They love that my gentle manner creates an atmosphere of trust for deep change. Twenty years of working 1:1 allowed me to learn my craft well and I know how to facilitate deep mindset shifts.

My deep desire is to help my clients feel their full authority and trust their intuition. If you believe in yourself, you will always make the right decision for yourself and your business.


Twenty years ago, I found the Core Belief Engineering (CBE)method, which changed my life. I was finally freed from life-long patterns and feelings that didn't serve me.

My core belief method is a combination of inner and outer work. We spend the time needed to build our conscious mind so that our subconscious mind trusts change and will shift deep core beliefs created often early in life to protect.

My approach is thorough and gentle, so my clients trust me to achieve the healing they need to move forward.

My clients feel differently at once; years of dysfunctional beliefs have been lifted so they can connect to their natural talents and abilities.



My clients are individuals with different life experiences who want to make big changes in how they feel and act. They want to focus on what is blocking them and make leaps and bounds so they can connect with their unique genius that lies within if only they remove mindset blocks.

Limitless is not a group program; it's a premium service for women ready to invest in their greatest asset-themselves. Every session is tailor-made to the individual's needs, and they have my undivided attention. I offer the emotional and mental, and energetic support needed to reach giant leaps in business


In my years of experience, I have assisted my clients to connect with their unique set of beliefs. If you are connected with your natural talents and creativity, and operating from a place that feels confident, taking action feels easy.

My program is designed to be a gentle, time-efficient way to success.


Get these really cool specialized VIP Days!

The special sessions were created to clear and  optimize areas of the mind that specifically lead to confidence and clarity


Mothers and fathers have the greatest influence on the formation of our 'biggest' beliefs like money, power and self-worth. Women often still experience the effects of parents' beliefs even though they don't agree with them, there are parts of their mind that still feel emotionally affected by family.

This Mother/Father process is designed to clear and resolve issues surrounding our family of origin. Clear and realign conflicting, limiting and confusing beliefs inherited from family stop worrying about their judgment. It's time to fully grow up create a new identity based on what you want in the present.



Male/Female beliefs lie within everyone and their effect can see how we 'do' relationships with money, spouses and clients. Women benefit when they are strong in male and female energy.

This specific process excavates deep beliefs that block women from utilizing both their male and female energy in their business. It allows women to tap confidently into 'female' energy like intuition and collaboration and 'male' energy that creates action and drive.

We need both 'male' and female energy balanced to excel and have harmonious relationships.


Money mindset has been a specialty of mine for years. I know that many businesswomen want income consistency and conquer any money ceilings to take care of themselves and their loved ones confidently. The answer is a deep clean of old money beliefs and healing money wounds from the past.

No longer hear yourself say, " I feel guilty about spending money on ..." Instead, feel proud and deserving of every penny you have!



Success Stories

”After having worked with Megan, I'm not questioning my own potential, I actually know what it is.”

After having worked with Megan, I'm not questioning my own potential, I actually know what it is. I love that. I go out into the world and feel like there are no limitations

Julie Greenham,

Mindset and business Coach to Introvered Enterprenerus

"Doing deep belief work has been revelatory.”

In my work with Megan, the goal was to go beyond self-awareness and actually make changes. The truth is I don’t even remember what I came into work with her on first (we worked on perfectionism and owning my creative abilities). I have completely dismantled the old beliefs I held around all of it. Much as this sounds like hyperbole, I truly no longer believe I have any limits"


Susan Diaz

CEO and Editor in Chief, c+p Digital Marketing



are you ready to see this result

Step into Your Power

Short and powerful belief surgery



My 12 week transformational 1:1 program


Get in touch

Feeling like this is the time to do the deep mindset work but do you want to see if we are a fit? No problem. Book a no-obligation call and let's see.

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Are you ready to see results?


  • No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get it. You’re ticking all the boxes of things you “should” do, but it’s still not creating any momentum.
  • You’re working hard, but still not able to make your goals. You’re losing your energy & procrastinate doing what you know you should do.
  • Do you feel a fraud even though they've been told over and over that you're terrific?
  • Do you feel like your emotions are opposite to what you logically know about yourself?
  • Are you hesitating to put yourself forward as a leader?
  • Are you feeling guilty about your kids daily so you feel pulled into many directions?
  • Still, hearing your ex's voice sabotaging your business?

what are you waiting for?

Imagine where your business could be by this time next year if you take inspired action today.

Success Story

"This past year I doubled my financial numbers from the year before!”

This past year I doubled my financial numbers from the year before! This financial success is largely due to my work with Megan. I now have the confidence to ask for my value. I know what I’m worth. It has been an emancipating experience to work through my old core beliefs


Jane Kristoffy

Educational Strategist, Author and Speaker

”For anybody struggling with any form of darkness, and who longs to see the light to affect lifelong change, CBE with Megan is a highly-effective strategy for success”

"During times of struggle and inertia, Megan has been instrumental in helping me connect with the parts of me that retract in fear. She has the ability to help you tap into your inner child, listen carefully, and honour those voices. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused or are simply recognizing that you have a thought/belief pattern to break, reach out to Megan. She is truly a superhero."

Joanne Lauzon

Artist + Creative Play Coach

“Megan helped me see where my beliefs and fears were holding back my business. Working with her helped me work through beliefs that were holding me back and my business has made more money and I’m significantly happier with the work I’m doing and how I’m doing it since we started working together.”

Lara Wellman

Lara Wellman, Business Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I at the right level to be a good fit for this program?

You are a good fit if you are a self-aware entrepreneur who is ready to jump to the next level of your business. Most of the women who have worked with me have experienced significant life changes that trigger an even deeper desire to become more of who they truly are—no more giving their authority to others. They are ready to take responsibility for themselves but need to clean up.
They want deep healing and a connection to their inner brilliance and are ready for money to be the by-product of their soul's work. They are desire to feel self-acceptance and understanding.
My work with my clients is to create a strong mindset foundation so they women feel in command of their lives and see the possibilities in the future as limitless.

How is Limitless Different than other programs?

I created a 12-week program specifically to give time for deep and lasting change space. I have been working with clients for twenty years, and I know what time and methods are needed to create a solid mindset foundation.

Over three months, I work with my clients on two different levels- conscious (weekly mindset coaching) and subconscious (monthly belief surgery). Creating actionable strategies that feel easy and are powerful.

I get lasting results. My clients have often tried other methods like weekly talk therapies or energy work but still, feel the block reappear again. My Core Belief Engineering method is designed to excavate deep layers of beliefs at the core. We take the time needed to be thorough and fix where the problem lies.  It saves time and has an instant feeling of change.

I named this program limitless because it was the word most commonly used by clients after the session when I asked how they felt about their possibilities. My program clients are reconnected with their core selves and operate from a place of authenticity.



What kind of Mindset Blocks Do you help Transform?

Each person I work with is unique and has a complex belief system. We spend the needed time to explore blocks to transform through belief surgery. It depends on what the client feels is holding them back and where they would like to focus. Click here for a 12-week program breakdown.

Typical areas we explore are Imposter Syndrome, Money Blocks, Guilt, People-Pleasing, Scarcity Mindset, Relationship Patterns, Confident Leadership.

I want to help women become the confident business leaders the world needs. I work hard with clients to become who they are. If you are authentically you and feel clear and confident, you will make the right decision for yourself and your business.


WHAT IF I'm not ready for the big program?

If you are visiting my site, you are here because of some part that is ready to transform unwanted behaviours. Perhaps you have experienced a big life change like illness or divorce and you are ready to become the best that business is gonna flourish so much if you have a strong mindset foundation.

However, you are not sure it's time yet to sign up for my most committed program or you feel you would like to experience my unique mindset coaching on a smaller scale.

I have my shorter Step into Your Power program which allows you to do powerful mindset set work over a month. To learn more please click here


My past clients are happy to share their experiences with people interested in participating in the Limitless program.


I expect more questions and welcome a call with someone who is serious about mindset change but needs to feel confident we are a fit!

Please book a no-obligation call with me at your convenience so you can get a sense of who I am and whether we are a fit together. I understand this is a large investment in time, money and trust. I welcome any request for references from previous clients.

Not having enough money and time has often been an obstacle our subconscious will throw our way when it fears what change will bring. If you find this coming up, this is not unusual and I would happy to work through blocks on a phone call.




are you ready to see this result

Mindset Blocks that Impact on Business

  • Procrastination
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Visibilty

Results That Uplevel Your Business

  • Deep healing
  • Self-trust
  • Confidence
  • Consistency

“ For there is always light, if only we're brave enough to be it."

Amanda Gorman